Having Water Damage Can Create Other Problems Within Your Home

By Nancee Mosley

Water is a necessity of life, and every home has its own private supply. Problems can start with a small leak that is unnoticed but long-lasting. By the act of seeping under floorboards and appliances, water can create a multitude of challenges in any home.

Water damage does not stop just because the leak is found and repaired. Wherever the water went needs to be examined and possibly repaired, also. Sometimes this damage is apparent in a visible way and easily found. Some of the time, though, it is harder to find exactly where the water has gone over the weeks and months the leak might have existed. Some devices can detect higher levels of moisture in the air. These devices are called hygrometers. When elevated levels of moisture in the air are located, the surrounding walls and floors can then be examined for water damage.

Water damage can take many forms. Walls may become discolored. Ceilings can be affected in the same way. Wooden structures can develop mold, as can other areas of your home. When wooden support beams are inundated with mold, the activity of the mold can significantly weaken the wood, making your home unsafe. Carpeting can become damaged by water, also. Padding can become compressed, and wearing of your carpet may become uneven. Bare spots can start to show, and loose fibers can cause problems with your vacuum cleaner.  

Other types of floor coverings can also have problems from water damage. Hardwood floors can curl and warp, creating trip and fall hazards, which can become very unsafe. Linoleum and tile floors can suffer when the glue used to adhere them to the supporting underlay deteriorates. Bubbles under linoleum and loose tiles are not safe to have in a kitchen or bathroom floor.

Water damage is not only possible from leaks in your plumbing but also from damaged gutters, leaky roofs that have missing or loose shingles, or floods from rivers and streams near your home. All of these situations can be repaired, but none of them can go away on their own. Contact a professional water damage restoration company for assistance. They have highly trained technicians and specialized equipment to handle any size disaster.